Practical Startup Strategies

The Alabama Collective, in partnership with Auburn University’s Lowder Center for Family Business & Entrepreneurship, successfully hosted two insightful sessions on December 5th and 7th, 2023. These sessions marked a significant step in supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. Led by Joshua Sahib, serial entrepreneur and managing director of the Lowder Center, Practical Startup Strategies offered strategic guidance and networking opportunities.

“At the Lowder Center for Family Business and Entrepreneurship at Auburn University, our focus extends beyond just the next big tech giants. We’re committed to nurturing the micro businesses that are the backbone of our economy, from local lawn care services to nail salons, bakers, and beyond. Each small business idea holds immense value,’ says Sahib. “Together with The Alabama Collective, our aim is to make a substantial impact on Alabama’s economic development.”

Session 1: ‘AI Tools for Your Business’ (December 5th) provided an in-depth look into how Artificial Intelligence can enhance business operations. This workshop introduced various AI tools for task automation, decision-making, and innovation, highlighted by live demonstrations that offered practical insights into using AI for business growth.

Session 2: ‘Launching Your Own Business’ (December 7th) offered actionable advice for starting a business, covering everything from concept to execution. Its interactive format fostered a learning and networking environment, empowering attendees to start their entrepreneurial journeys.

“By providing actionable tips and resources, we empower entrepreneurs to not only enhance their own businesses but also to contribute to the broader community’s growth. This is how we seed economic development and success in the businesses we serve,” says Charisse Stokes, The Alabama Collective’s Executive Director. “This is the first of many sessions that we hope to provide across the state.”

Overall, the ‘Practical Startup Strategies’ series not only focused on learning but also on building a community. The networking opportunities allowed attendees to connect, share ideas, and support each other, reflecting the spirit of innovation fostered by The Alabama Collective and Auburn University.


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