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The Alabama Collective is thrilled to partner with Innovate Alabama to launch the HBCU Innovation Experience. This partnership will ignite the power of innovation and entrepreneurship in our HBCU students throughout the state of Alabama. Innovate Alabama implements programs and policies that support Alabama’s innovation ecosystem while the Alabama Collective works to elevate minority tech talent and entrepreneurs.

HBCUs are natural hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship steeped in talent and intellectual capital. Alabama is fortunate to be abundant in HBCU intellectual capital, being home to 14 HBCUs, the most of any state. Alabama is home to INNOVATION! We are beautifully aligned to infuse tomorrow’s need for innovation with solvent solution makers.

Leveraging relationships with organizations like Ed Farm, HBCU students and faculty will participate in a multi-phased approach designed to Expose, Educate, Engage, and Empower!

Innovation Power Hours are designed to bring awareness to internships, training offerings, experiential learning opportunities and additional coursework curriculum for Alabama’s HBCUs in a fun, learning environment held on the HBCU campus.

Students and faculty will have opportunities to elevate their digital skills with training courses in software development, application development, cybersecurity, augmented reality, and coding.

Young entrepreneurs will participate in mentoring and coaching on idea creation, financing, project and business development management, sustainment, digital marketing, and product and sales development.

Faculty will be supported through train-the-trainer programs to develop and integrate coursework and curriculum into existing degree programs.

Students and entrepreneurs will have opportunities to showcase their talent in app design and business pitch competitions. The Alabama Collective will create opportunities for students to engage the tech and business community.

Joint state-wide events will showcase our HBCU students’ and faculty’s digital tech skills and entrepreneurial product development to leverage internships, job, and investment opportunities.

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